I. Due Diligence

Conduct rigorous due diligence to identify the strengths and weaknesses of an investment manager and the organization

Analyze the investment manager from the standpoint of an investor to fully understand their process and performance drivers

Compare track record, terms and structure against industry competitors

Decide whether to engage in an advisory relationship with the investment manager

III. Merchant Banking

Seek investment opportunities that present attractive risk/return profiles

Spend extensive time and effort examining track record, investment process, risk management, organizational structure, etc.

Present opportunity to ShoreBridge Investment Committee and commit capital from our merchant banking vehicle upon approval

Demonstrate to other investors that we have high conviction in the investment manager

II. Advisory Services

Craft the story and value proposition of the business focusing specifically on the areas that an investor might want to explore in greater detail

Build robust marketing materials to address the opportunity thoroughly, accurately and articulately

Develop a targeted capital raising strategy leveraging our industry knowledge of investor appetite and key relationships


IV. Capital Raising

Execution of capital raising strategy developed during advisory assignment

Identify high probability investors and strategic partners from our deep relationships that span across all geographies and investor segments

Track all investor activity in comprehensive investor database

Negotiate with investors on key issues and terms

Continue a lasting relationship with the client as a strategic advisor and investor